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Public Health Open Access Research

Public Health Open Access Research

Welcome to our Public Health page where we showcase journal news, collections, highlights and recent campaigns from our open access journals, as selected by our Editors. 

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Public health research impacting policy worldwide

Research from across our public health and related portfolio of journals has been cited in policy documents around the world.

Find below a selection of these articles making an impact on the field of public and global health.

Cardiovascular health

Mentioned in policy document: "Cardiovascular health in remote and rural communities"

International Journal for Equity in HealthInternational Journal for Equity in Health

Socioeconomic variation in incidence of primary and secondary major cardiovascular disease events: an Australian population-based prospective cohort studyAltmetric
Rosemary J. Korda, Kay Soga, Grace Joshy, et al
8 citations

Healthy planet, healthy people

Mentioned in policy document: "Global Environment Outlook – GEO-6: healthy planet, healthy people" 

Environmental HealthEnvironmental Health

Persistent organic pollutants and mortality in the United States, NHANES 1999–2011Altmetric
Kristiann Fry & Melinda C. Power
10 citations

Globalization and HealthGlobalization and Health

Policy experimentation and innovation as a response to complexity in China’s management of health reformsAltmetric
Lewis Husain
6 citations

Migrant health

Mentioned in policy document: "More than numbers - How migration data can deliver real-life benefits for migrants and governments"

Public Health ReviewsPublic Health Reviews

A systematic review of the use of health services by immigrants and native populationsAltmetric
Antonio Sarría-Santamera, Ana Isabel Hijas-Gómez, Rocío Carmona & Luís Andrés Gimeno-Feliú 
22 citations

Maternal and child health

Mentioned in policy document: "An evidence map of social, behavioural and community engagement interventions for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health"

Conflict and HealthConflict and Health

Evaluations of reproductive health programs in humanitarian settings: a systematic reviewAltmetric
Sara E. Casey
29 citations

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